Project Description

Kit DIG Third Series 1″ F

KIT: Controller DIG + solenoid valve Third Series 1” F
Kit for watering garden or fields of small-medium size. Consisting of RPE DIG Controller and solenoid valve 1” female Third series.
Flow rate 250 Lt / min – 15m3/hour. Dimensions 128 x 128x 90 mm.

kit dig terza 1 F-rpe irrigazioni

Technical specifications

Voltage: 9V battery
Battery life: 1 year
Control: Icon that indicates battery charge status, and stop when there is not charge enough
Body: Waterproof I.P. 68
Sensors: Pre-set for rain sensors, humidity sensors, wind sensors, ice sensors, (Mini Click sensors)
Installation: Outside, in sumps
Mode selection: Graphic display and 4 buttons
Irrigation: Programmable from 1 minute to 19 hours and 59 minutes, or manual
Starting: From 1 to 10 starts per day
Solenoid Valve: 1” F, BSP, manual override by means of solenoid coil rotation, without flow regulator
Sizes: Controller: 80 mm diameter, 65 mm deep – Solenoid valve: 115 x 111 x 65 mm
KV 216,7 Liters per minute – 13 m3/hour —> 57.06 U.S. GAL per minute.

Solenoids 2th e 3th Series Servocontrolled

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